Class CubicLineChart

  extended by org.achartengine.chart.AbstractChart
      extended by org.achartengine.chart.XYChart
          extended by org.achartengine.chart.LineChart
              extended by org.achartengine.chart.CubicLineChart
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public class CubicLineChart
extends LineChart

The interpolated (cubic) line chart rendering class.

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Field Summary
static java.lang.String TYPE
          The chart type.
Fields inherited from class org.achartengine.chart.XYChart
mDataset, mRenderer
Constructor Summary
CubicLineChart(XYMultipleSeriesDataset dataset, XYMultipleSeriesRenderer renderer, float smoothness)
          Builds a cubic line chart.
Method Summary
protected  void drawPath( canvas, java.util.List<java.lang.Float> points, paint, boolean circular)
          The graphical representation of a path.
 java.lang.String getChartType()
          Returns the chart type identifier.
Methods inherited from class org.achartengine.chart.LineChart
clickableAreasForPoints, drawLegendShape, drawSeries, getLegendShapeWidth, getPointsChart, isRenderPoints, setDatasetRenderer
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draw, drawChartValuesText, drawSeries, drawText, drawXLabels, drawXTextLabels, drawYLabels, getCalcRange, getDataset, getDefaultMinimum, getRenderer, getScreenR, getSeriesAndPointForScreenCoordinate, getXLabels, getYLabels, isRenderNullValues, setCalcRange, setScreenR, toRealPoint, toRealPoint, toScreenPoint, toScreenPoint
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drawBackground, drawLabel, drawLegend, drawPath, drawString, getExceed, getLabel, getLegendSize, isNullValue, isVertical
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Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String TYPE
The chart type.

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Constructor Detail


public CubicLineChart()


public CubicLineChart(XYMultipleSeriesDataset dataset,
                      XYMultipleSeriesRenderer renderer,
                      float smoothness)
Builds a cubic line chart.

dataset - the dataset
renderer - the renderer
smoothness - smoothness determines how smooth the curve should be, range [0->0.5] super smooth, 0.5, means that it might not get close to control points if you have random data // less smooth, (close to 0) means that it will most likely touch all control // points
Method Detail


protected void drawPath( canvas,
                        java.util.List<java.lang.Float> points,
                        boolean circular)
Description copied from class: AbstractChart
The graphical representation of a path.

drawPath in class AbstractChart
canvas - the canvas to paint to
points - the points that are contained in the path to paint
paint - the paint to be used for painting
circular - if the path ends with the start point


public java.lang.String getChartType()
Returns the chart type identifier.

getChartType in class LineChart
the chart type

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